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About Us

Todd and Ryan's educational experience includes a well balanced integration of faith and the science of psychology. SierraPsychSolutions is founded on that principal--that integration.



Our Promise to you

SierraPsychSolutions' goal is to provide clarity and solutions in relationships by providing mental health services to Individuals, Families and Businesses.


We will provide our clients with a holistic approach to health. We offer services using the latest technology to enhance your experience and provide you with more value for your time.


SierraPsychSolutions was founded by Todd Arvidson, MA, LMFT and Ryan Walsh, MA, LMFT.


This website is designed to welcome you to health!



Todd Arvidson, MA, LMFT

Todd Arvidson


Todd Arvidson was born in Weisbaden, Germany and moved to the United States in 1972. He was raised in the town of Penn Valley, CA where hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors became his playground. In the 90's Todd moved back to northern California to return to school where he began his pursuit of a degree in psychology and his own pursuit in personal growth. Trinity International University was where he continued his pursuit and achievement of a master's degree in Counseling Psychology in 1996. Trinity was the highlight of his educational endeavor and there he learned to integrate his faith and the science of psychology. Todd worked in residential treatment for youth in the Chicago area for 12 years as well as maintaining a private practice for individuals, groups, and families who wanted to pursue change and personal growth. California was home--and he moved back with his wife and two girls in 2003. Todd has 20 years of experience in counseling and is committed to collaborating with those who seek professional help. He has passion for the process of therapy, compassion for those that are hurting, and is willing to come along side anyone who is seeking growth and change.




Ryan Walsh, MA, LMFT

Ryan Walsh



Ryan was born in Toledo, Ohio and remains a Buckeye at heart. Ryan settled in the greater Sacramento area in 1987. Ryan completed work in digital electronics including work with lasers and robotics, information systems and ran a Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team. During his work in emergency response, Ryan noticed the effect of stress on emergency responders and began studying psychology and wrote a class on the psychology of emergency response - and the love of psychology, philosophy and existentialism was born. Ryan went on to earn his Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. Ryan had the opportunity to pilot a program in School Based Family Counseling in Sacramento and attended the first annual conference on School-Based Family Counseling at Kebal College, Oxford University in 2003. Ryan works with individuals of all ages and enjoys providing professional seminars to schools and organizations on the effects of mental health issues. Ryan has a passion for helping all that are working toward clarity in relationships and life.

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